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Life Purpose: The Foundation for Success

How to Choose a College or Trade School Major and Career 

at Any Age Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today!

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Career Guidance, Career Technical Education, Community and Career Development

The first step in every successful journey is knowing what you want. Dr. Moses McCutcheon is not a stranger to this notion. He took the long route to make this discovery and wants to help others shorten the distance to their success.

“At several important junctures in my life, I experienced a lack of direction, which had serious repercussions for me and people close to me. As a high school student, even as late as my senior year, I did not have clear goals for life after graduation. Again, in my second year of college and then in the military, I had no idea what I would do when I got out. Later, when I worked as a corporate executive, I realized I still had the problem: I still did not know my life purpose as it related to work. At each of these junctures, I had to conduct major research, which was costly and time-consuming, to determine my next steps and how to proceed.” –Dr. McCutcheon.

This innovative and revolutionary self-help book, “Life Purpose: The Foundation for Success” is a streamlined guide that will help families with teens choose their next step after high school—whether going to college or choosing a trade school major and career. Dr. McCutcheon released this book to help not just students but also parents, teachers, and other adults by providing them a guideline for career guidance. The book will also help students avoid unnecessary student loans, unfulfilling careers, and unemployment because the book will help them turn their true desires, interests, talents, passion, and skills into a career.

Dr. McCutcheon can relate to the woes of students because he was once in their shoes—unsure, unaware, and undecided. But with his experience, a series of trial and error, and perseverance, he succeeded in his chosen career. Now, it’s your turn.


Planning Today for Success Tomorrow

This life and career guide teaches students and adults how to decide what they really want! Knowing what you want is the first principle of success! Turn Your Life Purpose, Your Desires, Interests, Talents, Passions, and Special Abilities into a Career!

An effective career-development program enables students to plan for future success. Career-development training saves time and money. The earlier career development training begins the better. Career planning should start with family planning.

Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed. D. has received many awards for his School-To-Success work. With a Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and more than 30 years of experience as an educator, trainer, and personnel-management analyst, Dr. McCutcheon is a Certified Life and Career Guidance Coach/Consultant and Certified Motivational Seminar Leader. “PLANNING TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW,” was written for to help students and adults to plan for a successful life.